Toyota Headquarters contacted to unify their “Customer First” internal campaign. The problem was that everyone was interpreting Customer First in their own way and wether it was a dealership or the actual car designers or the corporate offices, there seemed to be a disconnect in the message and they felt that the message was being lost. They wanted to dress the Customer First Headquarters with photos from brochures and hoped that would do the trick. What we did instead was identify the main areas that we wanted to focus on (technology, loyalty,) and really champion the efforts of the different departments not pin them against each other. This is where I decided to go with the Inspire campaign. In other words Toyota is Inspired by the customers needs and therefore this is what they are doing about it. We turned this department into a showroom of sorts that now serve as an education space for different Toyota executives from around the world to experience what Toyota USA’s efforts are. We ended up wrapping cubicles, walls and columns championing the Toyota employee experience. On one side of the column we had the consumer perspective matched to another side whee a consumer quote was featured. The other two column panels spoke about the Toyota employee perspective and how they are inspired and pushed to solve that consumer need.